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Preliminary 4 Magicite Boss Templates Added

I have added boss templates to the Damage Calculator for the 4* Magicite fights based off the data gathered and posted by /u/Zurai001. There may be some discrepancies, as I've made them completely by hand, however once the fights are live on Global I'll update the templates with the latest data using my tools to help prevent mistakes. Best of luck in your planning!

Server maintenance complete

The server maintenance completed more or less on schedule, but I had some issues on my side with services restarting. Everything should be back up and running normally now. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Event calendar and new home page!

It's not the most elegant home page since it's just static HTML, but it's a start! Maybe someday I'll find a news management system that just manages news (and isn't an entire CMS) and doesn't look too bad out of the box (preferrably Bootstrap compatible). For now, though, this will have to do! Apologies to those who have this page bookmarked already (would have previously been the Ability Orb Cost Calculator). If you want to go directly to that page, please head over there and update your bookmarks.

Today I added a new page that will show the Global FFRK Event Calendar. If you're familiar with Kongbakpao's FFRK Calendar of Events, this is basically the same thing with some very small enhancements such as a list view and a pretty wrapper. When new dates become known (through announcements or datamining) I will update the calendar. You can also subscribe to the calendar using your favorite app that supports subscribing to iCal calendars using the link beneath the calendar itself. I hope you all find it useful!

FFRK Toolkit Server Maintenance

FFRK Toolkit's server will be going down for maintenance on 1/18/2018 between 3:00am - 5:00am EST (8am - 10am UTC). The maintenance may end early (likely will take under an hour). Thank you for your patience and understanding!